Krus Na Parang 2018

I went to a pilgrimage site called Krus na Parang (KNP). KNP is situated in Lumangbayan, Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro. KNP resembles the Stations of the Cross, there are 14 traditional stations all the way up to the mountain. We hike for an average of 3 hours to pray, to reflect and to thank God for all the blessings29954832_1777209452337629_1064046338_o (1)

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Mt. Iglit – Magawang Station

The Mount Iglit National Park is a protected area of the Philippines and an ASEAN Heritage Park located in the island of Occidental Mindoro, while the Magawang Station is the habitat of the endemic Tamaraw and this is one of the most seriously endangered animals in the world.


Photos by: Nimse Sonio


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Mona Lisa

Don’t speak because it hurts me even more

Every words you utter shows your fake motion picture

You’re false emotion seems speak so loud

Yet, you never ever heard my voice complaining.


Saying you love me is just a lie

I am no indifferent from broken, alone and lost

From the time I set to fail with your sweet fantasies

I am taking my step away from you

Took my deep sigh of relief

And start living in my own world,

The home of such a weak.



I can still hear your voice in the back of my head

And I was continually running from myself

Hiding, yet you still chasing me in my dreams

And from there, I understand the meaning,

Behind those mysterious smile.

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Kalikasan: Yamang ‘di Batid

Dahilan sa patuloy na pagbabago sa aspetong teknolohiya ng ating bansa, iba’t-ibang isyu at problema tungkol sa pagkasira ng ating kapaligiran ang nagsulputan. Nandiyan ang mga makabagong paraan ng paghahanap-buhay gamit ang mga makabagong teknolohiya. Mga makabagong teknolohiya na siya ring nagdudulot ng polusyon sa mga tubig, lupa at hangin.

Nakakalungkot mang isipin ngunit kung ating pagmamasdan ay isang ganap na pagbabago ang bumabalot sa mundo at sa ating napakagandang kalikasan, at ang katotohanang ito’y ‘di lingid sa ating kaalaman. At ang katotohanang isa tayo sa mga saksi, saksing nagbubulagbulagan sa kasalakuyang narararanasan ng Inang Kalikasan. Tao ang nagiging dahilan ng unti-unting pagkasira ng ating kapaligiran.

Ang pagkawasak ng kagubatan, kabundukan, mga ilog at karagatan ay nagresulta na sa isang krisis sa kalikasan na lalong nagpapahirap at nagiging banta sa paghirap ng mga mamamayan.

Makiisa tayo sa pagrereserba ng ating kaligiran, ang konsekwensiya ng ating maling gawain ay hindi natin matatakasan hangga’t hindi tayo nakiisa sa pagaalaga at pagpapanatili ng malinis at luntiang paligid. Hindi ba’t mas masarap samyuhin ang malinis na hangin kaysa sa maitim na usok mula sa ating magagarang sasakyan? O kaya’y uminom ng malinis at libreng tubig?

Tayo ang sumisira sa ating kayamanan. Kung sinisira natin ang ating kalikasan para na rin nating sinisira ang ating kinabukasan, darating ang panahon na tayo ay magsisisi, ang pagkaisra ng ating kalikasan ay dahilan kung bakit tayo ngayon nakakaranas ng maraming problema tulad ng napakainit na panahon, pabago-bago ang klima at marami pang iba. Ang mga problemang ito ay ganti ng kalikasan sa pagsira natin sa kapaligiran.

Ang Pilipinas ay sagana sa likas na yaman ngunit tayo mismo ang sumisira sa ating buhay. Bakit? Dahil ang kapaligiran ang siyang nagsisilbi at nagbibigay sa atin ng buhay, kaya huwag nating abusuhin datapwa’t alagaan at pagyamanin na lamang ito upang magamit pa ng ating mga susunod na henerasyon.

Unti- unti na nating nararamdaman ang mga epekto ng ating pang-aabuso sa inang kalikasan. Huwag na natin hintayin na umabot pa sa puntong kailangan natin mawalan ng kapamilya.

Buhay at kapaligiran ang nakakasalalay, makialam tayo bago pa mahuli ang lahat!

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Saving Mother Nature

Nowadays, it is a cliche to tackle such issues about the degradation of environment. But let me added into that cliche to save your sanity. Yeah, you read it right, your sanity and of course to that brain of yours that are not eaten yet by the zombies as to open another wake-up call.

Due to unavoidable changes, we, the people become dependent on what technology give and brought us, never mind on the possible negative effects it may give in our environment. People learned to distinguish his own way of living to the lives of others, people are not contented on what they have, so technology are developed in seeking for convenience. Because of our carelessness, implication came which affect the way of our living. Different problems and issues about environment are leaving us in nowhere and we cannot escape, unless, we engaged ourselves and be part in saving our Mother Nature.

Destruction of our environment are seen by our naked eye but we are just passing and give them a disgusted look but never done anything to lessen this problem. Those undisciplined people who throw their garbage anywhere and everywhere are one of the main contributors in destroying the environment. Tons of waste materials are dumped into the bodies of water making them unfit as a source of drinking water or a habitat for marine life. Thousand of fish can be seen floating at the surface of oceans, lakes and rivers because of pollution. Water becomes far worse as years pass by.

The destruction of our environment will lead us in tragedy; there are no more trees to hold and ceased flood and landslide, it also affect our wildlife- the endangered species whose lives and survival depend in the forest and mountains.  Different infrastructures are now planted in our land instead of trees. Farmers use chemicals in their crops instead of bio-waste that came from the livestock, that’s why the production of food decreased.

But we are not also escaped from the melting of ice in South and North Pole, this melting would surely lead to the displacement of millions of people in low-lying areas and number of small island could be wipe out. It also bring the problem about ozone layer depletion which result in increasing  in UV-B radiation that are likely leading and affects human health particularly on the eyes and skin. The rapid growing of our population also affects the human health and our resources: too many people, too few resources.

See what we have done in our environment? We are now suffering the consequence of our wrong practiced. We see all this, but we are not moving to take an action. Well, it’s not too late, right? We must learn to control our patience and virtue by taking a step by step formula towards a better and green living. Stand for our Mother Nature! It’s just a matter of discipline, courage and unity.  Doing such little thing for the environment can’t kill you. Environment is not ours not also a heritage, so we must learn to protect our Mother Earth!

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5:00 PM thoughts.


The more we know about the environment, the better will be our capacity to conserve and manage these resources we have for the present and future generations.

It cannot be denied that some of the catastrophes that had happened in the Philippines were mere consequences of environmental degradation—floods, soil erosion, red tide, air pollution and contaminated water.

Wastes are everywhere, specifically plastic. Here in Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro, one of the major problems that local government combat was solid waste management. Burning plastic was prohibited, even when you bury it into the ground for thousands of years, it will remain and still plastic. It will never perish. Even when disposed of properly, they take many years to decompose and break down, generating large amounts of garbage over long periods of time. If not disposed of properly the bags can pollute waterways, clog sewers and have been found in oceans affecting the habitat of animals and marine creatures

This is the reason why the government has started its campaign against the use of plastic and styrofoam materials in packaging products. The Total Plastic Ban Act of 2011 was introduced in the Senate in March 2011 and also remains pending in the Committees. The purpose of the proposed act is to implement a total plastic ban throughout the country.

This law was very promising, but I think fine was not enough to stop those who violate the environmental laws. Based on my observation those environmental problems are brought by weak enforcement of laws and poor regulation.

The success of this ordinance was the active cooperation of the people with the local government units. It is the principle of participation. Each person has a duty to safeguard and to contribute on the protection of the environment. Every individual is empowered to be a catalyst of change. Well, do your part people, there’s no need to enumerate those, as a concern Filipino Citizen you know what responsibility is.

This ordinance was like the law implemented in the Los Baños in Laguna, Sta. Barbara in Iloilo, Lucban in Quezon, Carmona in Cavite, Odiongan in Romblon, Burgos in Pangasinan, and  Muntinlupa City – they all have banned plastics in their municipality/city. I admired these municipalities/cities because they set an example of good governance through the implementation of this ordinance.

But the question is, who will be the next next? Better yet, who among us have stopped using plastic on our own free will?