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Saving Mother Nature

Nowadays, it is a cliche to tackle such issues about the degradation of environment. But let me added into that cliche to save your sanity. Yeah, you read it right, your sanity and of course to that brain of yours that are not eaten yet by the zombies as to open another wake-up call.

Due to unavoidable changes, we, the people become dependent on what technology give and brought us, never mind on the possible negative effects it may give in our environment. People learned to distinguish his own way of living to the lives of others, people are not contented on what they have, so technology are developed in seeking for convenience. Because of our carelessness, implication came which affect the way of our living. Different problems and issues about environment are leaving us in nowhere and we cannot escape, unless, we engaged ourselves and be part in saving our Mother Nature.

Destruction of our environment are seen by our naked eye but we are just passing and give them a disgusted look but never done anything to lessen this problem. Those undisciplined people who throw their garbage anywhere and everywhere are one of the main contributors in destroying the environment. Tons of waste materials are dumped into the bodies of water making them unfit as a source of drinking water or a habitat for marine life. Thousand of fish can be seen floating at the surface of oceans, lakes and rivers because of pollution. Water becomes far worse as years pass by.

The destruction of our environment will lead us in tragedy; there are no more trees to hold and ceased flood and landslide, it also affect our wildlife- the endangered species whose lives and survival depend in the forest and mountains.  Different infrastructures are now planted in our land instead of trees. Farmers use chemicals in their crops instead of bio-waste that came from the livestock, that’s why the production of food decreased.

But we are not also escaped from the melting of ice in South and North Pole, this melting would surely lead to the displacement of millions of people in low-lying areas and number of small island could be wipe out. It also bring the problem about ozone layer depletion which result in increasing  in UV-B radiation that are likely leading and affects human health particularly on the eyes and skin. The rapid growing of our population also affects the human health and our resources: too many people, too few resources.

See what we have done in our environment? We are now suffering the consequence of our wrong practiced. We see all this, but we are not moving to take an action. Well, it’s not too late, right? We must learn to control our patience and virtue by taking a step by step formula towards a better and green living. Stand for our Mother Nature! It’s just a matter of discipline, courage and unity.  Doing such little thing for the environment can’t kill you. Environment is not ours not also a heritage, so we must learn to protect our Mother Earth!


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